Assistance Dogs

Our Assistance Dog Program proves that all dogs are individuals and that shelter and rescue dogs can perform the same work traditionally reserved for purebred, purpose-bred dogs.


  • The assistance dog program highlights the fact that every dog, no matter its breed, breed-mix, background, or what it looks like, is an individual.


  • The program not only impacts the lives of the dogs, but also makes the world more accessible for people with disabilities. Animal Farm Foundation provides assistance dogs at no cost for the lifetime of the team.



Program Supporting Points


  • Shelter or rescue dogs labeled as “pit bull” dogs are eligible for the program. They must be 15 months to three years of age. Shelter or rescue within a five mile radius of AFF, located in Amenia, NY, can nominate their dogs for the program.


  • After evaluation and preliminary training, Animal Farm Foundation matches each dog with a potential handler based on the dog’s ability to perform tasks to mitigate that person’s disability.


  • According to the ADA, service dogs are for people who have a disability that substantially limits one or more of their life activities. A service dog must be able to offset these limitations by performing tasks.


  • AFF trains assistance dogs to provide bracing and counterbalance support, pick up and carry items, close and open doors, pick up and carry items, close and open doors, alert and respond to seizures, among other tasks.