We’re No Longer Operating an Active Shelter, and Here’s Why

At Animal Farm Foundation, our mission has always been to secure equal opportunity for dogs and their owners. We’ve done that in a few ways. We fund other animal welfare organizations who share in our mission, we train “pit bull” dogs as service dogs and fund the training of other “pit bull” dogs as detection dogs. We provide educational resources to animal welfare workers and community advocates. We’ve also operated a small shelter on our property and adopted out dogs. The last in this long list is changing. As of 2018, we’re putting our all of energy into our programs, grants, and educational efforts.

Society-at-large has changed its view on “pit bull” dogs and modern animal behavioral science has helped with this, as have the efforts of organizations like ours. The discrimination that “pit bull” dogs once faced in shelters is no longer the main issue that we need to solve. Again, society has moved forward. Shelters in our area are doing a great job viewing dogs as individuals and placing them in great homes.

Dogs at our facility will go into either our PAWS of Purpose program (where dogs are placed with carefully screened inmates at Rikers correctional facility to learn basic manners) or our Assistance Dog Program. Some dogs who graduate from Rikers will become assistance dog candidates. The majority will go to the DCSPCA, our local shelter, or their originating organization for adoption. Dogs who flunk out of service dog college will also be available for adoption from the DCSPCA or their originating shelter.

As always, the focus is on the dogs and we’ll be bringing you more updates about all of our programs. We also plan on continuing to showcase shelters and rescues who are doing great work across the country. We look forward to sharing everything we have planned for 2018 with you!