Welcome to Website 101!

It’s back to school time!  Here at the University of AFF, we want to help you to make the most out of our best student resources: the new website!

Let’s begin the school day in Homeroom aka The Homepage:

On the homepage you’ll find the following items:

Main Navigation Bar

Social Media Buttons for sites like Facebook and our Blog

Site Search Bar

Newsletter Sign Up (top right)

Three Featured Items (see below)

Roll the mouse over each photo to reveal a little surprise!

Let’s jump right to the Main Navigation Bar:

The easiest way to get acquainted with the website is to explore the main navigation bar and it’s drop down menu. As you roll over each menu item, you’ll discover how things are grouped together on the new site.


But we want you to ace the test, so here’s a cheat sheet:

About Us: If you’ve ever wanted to meet the staff, learn about our mission and programs, or volunteer at AFF, than this section is for you.

Resources: Here you’ll find almost everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how to care for and advocate on behalf of “pit bull” dogs. Really. If you work or volunteer in a shelter or rescue, are a community advocate, or live with a dog, this section has something for you! See below for a detailed guide to the largest section of our website.

Programs and Events: This section has information, applications, and resources related to our grants, the assistance dog program, and our internships. Learn about our humane education programs, then check our events calendar to find us in a town near you!

Multimedia and Publications: This is a fun section with a lot to do and tools to use! Explore the interactive BSL map to find out what’s going on around the country. Download and read our helpful eBooks, then print and share them with your local shelter, rescue, or advocacy group. Browse our historic photo collection and infographics. Request freebies like posters and trading cards for your shelter and events. Find out about the projects we’ve been working on and off the Farm. Plus video highlights and some of our favorite reads.

Interactive BSL Map

Adopt: Don’t miss your chance to meet the available dogs at AFF. Fill out an application to bring home your new BFF and find out how to care for a new dog. Plus, you can get all of your questions about living with a “pit bull” dog answered here in our FAQs.

Support Us: Shop our store or donate to our wish list. Thanks!

Contact: We like to hear from you. This is how you can reach us.

Of course, you can always you the “search” function at the top of each page to help you find what you’re looking for:

Class, the bell is about to ring, so let’s move on to the next lesson: Resources.

Our new website is a big one, encompassing a ton of resources to aid you in your work with “pit bull” dogs – whether you’re a shelter staffer or a new adopter. You can dive right in and spend an afternoon reading, but we want you to have a study guide to this mega-section, so you won’t miss a thing!

Before you get started in this section, it helps to know: who are you?

Don’t panic – this isn’t a Philosophy 101 class. You just need to know who you are in relation to the dogs. Are you a dog owner, a community advocate, or a shelter/rescue worker?

We know that many of you are all three (A+ for you overachievers!), so we hope you’ll explore all of the sections, but we’ve discovered that there are three main groups that visit our website. Which one are you?

  • You work with shelter dogs and need assistance with dog training, kennel enrichment, labeling dogs, marketing, and increasing adoptions.
  • You are advocating for change in your community and want to learn more about providing owner support, challenging BSL, and responsible pet ownership laws.
  • You have a dog at home or want to adopt one and would like to know if “pit bull” dogs are the right match for your family, how to train and care for your dog, and where to find help with housing.

Based on the above groups, we broke Resources into three sections, each with their own sub-sections. Here they are:

For Shelters and Rescues

Capture aff screen

In the For Shelters and Rescues section you’ll find our resources for:

Our Best Practices on Adoption Policies and Procedures, including liability concerns, tips for effective adoption counseling, and FAQS typically asked by shelters and their adopters

Our Best Practices for Marketing and Advertising, including how to take photos, write bios, and make business cards for your dogs

Our guide to Labels and Language which explains the trouble with labeling dogs of unknown origin and how we can speak more accurately

A step by step guide to Dog Training and teaching basic manners

Our Best Practices for Kennel Enrichment to help your dogs stay happy and healthy

In this section you’ll find easy to download eBooks about each subject listed above. We hope you’ll save, print, and share this information with your staff and volunteers! The eBooks are formatted for easy sharing, so don’t be shy – spread the knowledge around in your community!

For Community Advocates

In the For Community Advocates section you’ll find our resources for:

Providing Pet Owner Support to underserved communities

Building Safe Communities through breed-neutral responsible pet ownership laws

The information in each section is available as downloadable eBooks

Breed Specific Legislation research that proves BSL does not make communities safer

The info in each section is available to download and print as an individual handouts or you can download the eBooks on each topic. The eBooks are a great resources if you want to share this information with local officials, advocacy groups, and anyone working to affect change in their community. Please read, then pass along these eBooks. They were built to share!

For Dog Owners

In the For Dog Owners section you’ll find our resources for:

Dog Training and Care to help you set your dogs up for success and strengthen your bond, including answers to your most commonly asked questions about living with “pit bull” dogs

Practical advice about Housing and Insurance issues

Trainers and Behaviorists located in our area, the Hudson Valley region of New York

And don’t miss our easy to download eBook that teaches humans how to teach their dogs Basic Manners. You can print individual pages for specific commands or the whole book to use as a training guide!

A note on navigating the Resources section:

This is such a large section that we’ve created two ways to navigate this ocean of information. You can use the drop down menus at the top of the screen:

Once you pick a section, you can also use the side bar menu on the left of your screen. In the side bar menu, you’ll notice that in some sections, there will be further menu items that are not visible in the drop down menu

Here’s an example:

You’re a shelter worker and you need some ideas to help you provide easy, everyday enrichment for your dogs. You can use the main navigation and drop down menu to go to: Resources, then For Shelters and Rescues, then Kennel Enrichment.

Once you land on the Kennel Enrichment page, you’ll see everything in this section, as well as extra videos and suggested resources related to the topic:

And you’ll also notice a new menu level appears on the left, listing each page related to Enrichment. This will help you navigate through the section:

Back to our example: To find easy ideas for kennel enrichment, you’ll click on Everyday Ideas seen above in the sidebar menu. Mission Accomplished!

And if you get lost (or just can’t stand using a menu!), don’t forget to use our search bar at the top of the page.

Phew! That’s a lot to take in and the bell is about to ring, so that wraps up our Website 101 class! Please put down your #2 pencils.

The new Animal Farm Foundation website is designed to be a one-stop destination for the tools and research you need to secure equal treatment and opportunity for the “pit bull” dogs in your life and work. We hope that you find it helpful and if you have any questions or need a hand with your homework, you can always contact us.

Class dismissed!

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