5 Things the Spindletop Dogs Taught Us This Week


Earlier this week a truck full of dogs from the Spindletop cruelty case arrived at Animal Farm Foundation via the HSUS transport truck. In just 24 hours, these dogs have taught the staff and volunteers at AFF a few important life lessons:

1. New to the block? Get to know your neighbors by offering to lend a hand.

Lesson learned from Dallas, who got over feeling shy by volunteering to help Inga with her office work.


2. Don’t hesitate to tell someone you really like them. Everyone likes to make new friends!

Lesson learned from these two girls who play bowed and wiggled as soon as they caught a glimpse of each other!


Lesson learned from Bliss the dog, who couldn’t wait to tell Liz how much she loved her pink t-shirt!


3. When in doubt, dance. Awkwardly.

Lesson learned from Ranger, King of the Texas Two-Step.


4. We all need someone to lean on. Take comfort in your friends.

Lesson learned from this sweet pea, who closed her eyes and leaned into her new friend, after her long journey to NY.


5. Let go of the past. It’s never too late to start over (especially if you get to have a pool party!).

Lesson learned from one very happy dog, who celebrated her new beginning with her very own pool!


Today the dogs, living life in the present, are busy making new friends, resting after their long journey, getting medical care, and basking in the sun. Cheers to everyone who helped make this new chapter possible for them. If you’d like to support Animal Farm Foundation’s newest arrivals, please consider donating supplies through our wishlist.

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